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Learn about the history of Grafton and discover some of your favorite things to see and do in this picturesque southeastern Vermont town. This list includes many of the most popular attractions in the state of Vermont and many more. For even more fun and learning, take a look at our extensive list of local museums, galleries, restaurants and other attractions. We also offer autumn and winter tours, breathtaking Christmas lights tours and a variety of other activities.

The map on the right shows Grafton, Vermont and its neighboring towns in the state of Vermont. These would run parallel to the route of the US border Vermont, as well as the Vermont-Massachusetts border.

If you want to go to a town or city located 40 miles east of Grafton, you can filter by town and town. If you move from one city to another in northern GREFTON, the change in the cost of living has a significant impact on the quality of life of the people in the city.

If you are already here, you may want to visit one of the following places: If not, please contact your host and read the "House Rules" section of this list for more information on the city's rules and regulations. If you are not already in Grafton (or in a town or city 40 miles east of Grafton), you should contact the hosts and read the House Rules section of the list.

Grafton is a small town of about 1,500 people in the state of Massachusetts, and a number of other small towns in the state. Where data shows that the population is larger than 250 between 0 and 40 miles from the site. Graftedon was about 2.4 square kilometres and a total area of 0.6 square kilometres.

Grafton included a number of other small towns in Massachusetts, including Farnumsville, Fisherville-Saundersville and Axtell Corner, which included the towns of Graftonsburg, Taunton, Northampton and Northborough, as well as several small villages.

The Hannover Branch Rail Trail connected the communities of Abington and Rockland with the southeastern outskirts of Boston. The most likely way to determine how the Old Connecticut Path would cross modern Grafton was challenging, as the native people would have known the best way to travel to Hassamesit. R - a light traffic road that follows the hilly landscape and then passes through a series of small towns and villages on the eastern side of the Connecticut River.

This book is a great opportunity to explore the sections that coincide with the Old Connecticut Path and to give an insight into journeys in earlier times. Sources include the New England Historical Society, Massachusetts State Archives and Boston Public Library.

The Common Pathway runs parallel to US 202 and the Contoocook River from downtown to Noone's Falls and runs parallel to U.S. 202 / US-202 / ContoOCOOK River. The trail is well maintained and offers an excellent opportunity to walk through wooded and forested areas and enjoy magnificent views of wetlands.

The Malden River Greenway is part of the Mystic Greenways Path System, which also includes the Wellington Green Way and the Mystic River Greenway. This 5.8 mile trail is the first phase of a planned East Coast Greeneway, an off-road route that will eventually run from Calais, Maine, to Key West, Florida. The Mystic River Greenways: The Mystics River Redway, a three-mile trail that runs parallel to the Contoocook River from downtown to Noone's Falls, Massachusetts, is one of three parts of the Mystic Redways trail system that includes the Wellesley Green Way, Boston River Trail and New Hampshire River Trail.

The Connecticut River Walk & Bikeway, which will one day run 21 miles along the river, currently has two open segments. The Northern Strand Community Trail is part of the Mystic River Greenways Path System, which connects the Boston and Mystic rivers to the coast in Lynn, north of Boston. South Bay Harbor Trail connects Boston Harbor with North Bay Trail, a 1.5-kilometer (0.6-mile) trail in south Boston, and the developed Upper Charles Trail connects a former railroad bed with a new park and recreation area on the Charles River in Cambridge.

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More About Grafton