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The Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletics Association voted in July to start school sports on September 14, and it's going to be a doozy. After months of planning, thought-out and direct consultations, it was decided and we are all trying to get on our feet, so to speak, before the start of the week.

We will continue to develop recommendations for changes for the autumn, and the final changes will be announced in the first week of September. Changes in sport are being developed in consultation with the governing body, the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletics Association (MAA), the state athletic department and other state agencies.

Before decisions are made, it is important that we remain in contact with the MAA, the State Department of Sports and other state agencies. Before making a decision, it is important that you stay with us as we work toward a final decision on the future of sports at Grafton High School in Massachusetts. Once decisions are made, "it is important to keep things as they are for grammar schools.

In the coming weeks and months, GHS Athletics will release more information about the future of sports at Grafton High School this fall and next year.

If your child is unable to participate in a program after registration, the registration fee for all future Skyhawks Sports programs will be charged at 800 - 804 - 3509. Registrations for the winter season in athletics will open at 10 a.m. on Friday, November 3, 2017 and close at 12 noon on Saturday, December 1, 2016. They will also be open on Thursday, 5 January 2018 and will continue until the end of the school year, and will reopen on Wednesday, 2 February 2019.

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Hit Quarters at Shrewsbury Sports Centre is an Ultimate Sports Training Facility, with a variety of equipment that can be used for almost any sport or activity. The Hit Quarters have become a training ground for athletes from all sports and programs who want to continue training even out of season and during the season. Sports-specific training, which focuses on strength, conditioning, strength and conditioning, as well as other sports-specific training forms, is also offered for teams and individual athletes who wish to improve their general athletics.

The focus at GHS, however, remains on Ultimate Sports Sports and developing the best athletes in the state of Massachusetts for the ultimate sport. But it was, is and always will be about the sport of the ultimate sport, but also about other sports - specific training.

Grafton Athletics remains committed to providing as much information as possible about the state of elite sport in the region and the local community. GRAFTon Soccer Club offers the youth of Graftedon the opportunity to participate in and develop the game of football by supporting a team that practises a variety of sports, including football, lacrosse, volleyball, baseball, basketball and football. An impressive team of baseball professionals is compiling a list of players whose instincts, skills and abilities will improve. The Shrewsbury Sports Center is dedicated to providing high quality fitness and sports programs to surrounding cities, including the City of Boston, Greater Boston and the rest of Massachusetts.

There will be no national funding for winter sports this year, but what can be expected is that there will be less cross-country skiing. Fall II and can move to participate in organized team activities such as cross-country, athletics, football, lacrosse, volleyball, basketball and football. This year, the sport will be very different from the past, as we have cleared the way for the football teams of Grafton High School and Graftedon Middle School. Further details of the sports programs for GRAFT High School and Junior High Schools, as well as the youth football program in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts and other Commonwealth areas of Massachusetts and beyond, will be announced at a later date. The sport has evolved from participating in a single sport - team sports - to a multi-sport programme.

Given the challenges we face in terms of the winter season, we wanted to be transparent about the process of the Southern Worcester County League, which has literally spent dozens of hours preparing for the start of the winter season. The closer we get to the start of this season, the more we will hold a series of meetings to discuss a number of issues related to winter sports, as well as what specific teams and seasons will look like.

Finally, all students who are athletics students at Grafton High School must have a completed ImPACT (Baseline Concussion Test) to participate. After suspected or diagnosed concussion, a PACT test must be performed by a certified athletic trainer to monitor recovery and determine the student's return to playing status. In the second district, the district has referred that recommendation to the Department of Education and the Massachusetts Department of Health and Human Services.

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