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After the Grafton authorities confirmed the first case of coronavirus (COVID-19) in the city, the number of confirmed cases rose to three, as the virus spreads daily in states, countries and the world. On March 24, city administrator Timothy McInerney posted a message on the city of Graftedon's Facebook page saying that the Massachusetts Department of Health and Human Services, which includes Graftedon, had notified that three of its residents had tested positive for CO VID- 19. He owns and operates a boutique photo shop, Offering Premier Massachusetts Photographers, on the corner of State Street and Main Street in downtown Boston, and has operated it for more than 20 years, according to his website.

The store is full of unique, unique items, handmade by more than 40 local artisans. The store offers restored and painted furniture, handmade items including stained glass, wood, glass and woodworking, as well as vintage clothing, accessories and accessories. The offer is enriched by a wide selection of fresh, organic, seasonal and seasonal food from all over the world. A slice of classic New England life is offered in the form of artisanal cheeses, pastries, baked goods, desserts and other specialties.

Using a commercial bark blower is not only a cost-effective way to install bark mulch, but also quick and easy. The benefits of blowing bark are numerous, from the bucket - beds with edge trim - to the time-saving installation and spreading of large quantities of bark mulch in a very short time.

Call our direct BARK MULCH hotline at 774 - 535 - 1470 and discuss what mulch is best for you, what you need for your weekend projects and how best to train. Call today to arrange a delivery of Grafton Massachusetts mulch or deposit a card with a stamp to qualify for the draw. Get your bark mulch in the garden, agree on a delivery date and time by the end of March.

The public is asked to contact Grafton Police and any suspicious sightings are being made on 800-892-0890 or www. If someone knocks on your door with an offer for medical tests, please let them in, call the Graft Police on 774-535-1470 and request a medical examination for a possible illness. Officers will continue to respond to emergency calls and officers responding to your house or building are asked to enter the building. Visitors to our police station will find the front door locked, but they can use the call button to talk to a dispatcher who will monitor the type of visit to determine whether a call is valid.

All Grafton public and vocational schools are closed until further notice as a precaution due to a possible coronavirus outbreak. Residents are encouraged to check the sewage, excise and property taxes paid by residents annually on the city's website at This content is provided to our readers free of charge as a public service due to the outbreak of the coronovirus.

One of the shops participating in ShopGraftonMA is bringing in a wide range of clothing, accessories, household goods and decorative items. The store offers a variety of items from clothing and accessories to home furniture, furniture, jewelry, electronics, groceries and more.

The store has been located at its current location since 2004 and is operated by Kerry Simmler. The store is inhabited by bees and offers a variety of items from clothing and accessories to home furniture, furniture and furniture, jewelry, electronics, food and more.

Simmler and its dealers have many years of experience in the paint and interior design industry, which they have had for over 20 years. Signature Finishes was founded by shop owner Maureen Bane as an art finishing company, working with clients, interior designers, to meet their needs. The company has developed from the sale of antiques and special varnishing products to the sale of special paints and products, as well as the sale of antique and antique furniture and accessories.

s mission is to provide a fun and welcoming environment for the community to meet and talk about things like dogs. The idea for ShopGraftonMA came from a desire to get people to go to their local stores, which they have done thousands of times but never knew what was in it, "said Quite F founder and owner David Allen.

Brown pine mulch not only improves the lawn edges, but is also great for covering wood lines, giving your lawn a definition of greener look and keeping dust down when mowing. Massachusetts bark mulch is also good for plants in your garden; using bark mulch improves soil quality, saves countless weedkillers and makes your gardens more attractive. Take a load of shopping at the Barkery and eat your favourite dog biscuits at Flower Flower.

The ShopGraftonMA campaign lets people stamp a loyalty card with 10 separate stores (no purchase required), which requires guests to win a $10 gift card for any of these 10 different businesses each time they buy. Red Cedar mulch is a color - which improves cedar bark mulch with a vibrant red color that lasts long. The Hemlock mix has the same effect on the colour of the shirt in your mulches, but is offered at a lower price.

More About Grafton

More About Grafton