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Chris Poegel, a real estate agent working for Grafton, MA, can be reached at 978 - 212 - 9860 and will be happy to show you the latest real estate deals in the area as well as some of the best deals in town. You can also view all GRAFTON MA home sales on our Real Estate in the City page, which is linked below. Have a look at all our current real estate offers and get an overview of your region. For more information about the city and its facilities, such as pools, pool houses, spa and fitness centers, fitness centers and amenities, click here. A full list of Graftedon MA properties for sale and a full list guide for the entire city can be found here!

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Grafton has the highest percentage of renters with a household size of 2 + who are tenants in the state of Massachusetts and the second highest number of rental households with households size over 2.0. It also ranks among the top 10 cities in Massachusetts for renters 20 and older and has a high percentage of renters who moved to the area within a year. This is in line with the Whitinsville CDP, which shows an increase in tenants moving in 1989 or earlier and a decrease in those who did not.

This is in line with the Whitinsville CDP, which shows an increase in tenants moving in 1989 or earlier and a decrease in those who did not. Grafton is among the top ten cities in Massachusetts in terms of the number of family members per unit of housing, compared to the US average of 3.3.

Grafton has the second highest percentage of the city's total population, the total number of people per unit of housing per square mile.

The Whitinsville CDP shows homeowners with a household size of 3.1, and Grafton is about the same size, measured by family members, but also shown in the state of Massachusetts. It also has the second highest percentage of people per unit per square mile, ranking first in the total number of homes built in a median year. The Northborough C DP, which is portrayed as the third largest city in Massachusetts with the highest household sizes, has the fourth largest household population and the fifth largest percentage. There is no difference between the CPDs of Whitinville, Northampton, Southborough and North Bedford, all of which are listed by household size and tenants. We also show the median years in which houses were built, broken down by the median value of houses for each house.

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More About Grafton