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In the latest episode of this occasional series, we visit the Grafton Massachusetts Medical School (GMS) residential program in Boston, Massachusetts. We are looking for an experienced GP to help us as programme director. The residencies program is located in a multicultural community located 8 miles from downtown Boston.

The North Grafton Pharmacy offers high quality care near the house, with a local pharmacy and drugstore in the heart of the city, just blocks from Supercut, the local grocery store. The pharmacy also houses the MinuteClinic (r), conveniently located within the cvs healthhub (tm) and owned by GMS.

Carney Hospital is affiliated to Tufts University School of Medicine and offers internship programs at the highest academic standards in Massachusetts. The Residence Program is located at Carney Hospital in Grafton, Massachusetts, just blocks from the University of Massachusetts Medical School and Boston Medical Center.

Grafton has an unemployment rate of 3.5%, which is below the national average of 4.2% and even below what the survey shows. The next two charts are based on the American Community Survey and look at labor force participation and poverty levels in the city and the CDP in Massachusetts. Labor-force participation shows the percentage of the population in poverty within the US labor market, based on the estimated percentage of people either working or actively seeking work, and the number of unemployed in each city. The graftons depicted have the second most people earning less than the poverty level ($835), and are the same as in Upton, Massachusetts, with a total of 1.6% of the total population earning less than that. Cities with the highest unemployment rates in this area are Upton and C DP, both of which have a 6.5% rate (about 1,500 people per 100,000 inhabitants).

Grafton has the largest share of income from wages, at 85.7%, and ranks first in the nation in terms of total income per capita, at $1,835. The next employment-related item is shown in Figure 21, broken down by income. It shows the number of full-time jobs in each city and the percentage of jobs that are large. That is the same as in Upton and C DP, but with an increase in total employment of 1.5% and 1% respectively.

Grafton only looks at people earning less than the poverty level - and breaks down employment status from there. It shows that it has the second largest proportion of people earning less per capita than the national average, at 9.0%, roughly the same as in Upton and C, but much higher than in Massachusetts. We also examine the percentage of self-employed people on the basis of their reported "self-employed income," also compared to the states and Massachusetts, where it is 16.0% higher. The percentage of families without employment, as shown in GRAPHTon, shows that they have the highest number of full-time jobs per family, as well as the largest number of families without - one - employment, which are both 9% and 0.5% respectively. Compared to the surrounding regions, Graftons has a much higher proportion of low-income families than Upton, CDP or C-DP.

Grafton is described in GRAPHTon as the city with the highest number of health professionals and technical professions, which together make up the second largest share of technology jobs per capita. Compared to the US average of $47,712, Grafton's median income per worker is 54.7% higher, with a median income of just over $40,000.

Grafton is represented in GRAPHTon with a Gini index of 42.9, which is above the US average of 38.5 and lower than that of New York City. It is described as having the highest number of health and technical professionals and the second largest share of technology jobs per capita.

If you work for Amazon, you can expect competitive wages and a reliable paycheck, but you can also earn more in New York City and other major US cities. The gap between the median income of Amazon employees and that of non-Amazon employees is also 20.3% larger than in Massachusetts, according to a recent study.

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